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A walk along Greenock Road to Gallowgate Street

In this section of our walk we will start at St Marys of the Sea Church, pass the Moorburn and Brooksby Buildings, and finish at The Brisbane Hotel.

St Marys Star of the Sea Church

Prior to 1850 mass was celebrated in Largs by visiting priests from St Marys in Greenock. The first permanent Largs Priest was Father McCullow who from 1869 worked from the first Largs Catholic Church in School Street.

Prior to that mass was celebrated in the homes of Largs locals. The Church could hold 150 people. In the 1920's as the town’s population grew and was also increased by summer visitors a larger church was needed as numerous masses were held on a Sunday to meet the demand. During WW2 mass was held at the Barrfields Pavilion and in the Old Moorings Ballroom. In 1960 a fire badly damaged the old church.

In the 1950's the site of the old Burnmouth Villa which was built prior to 1870 became available along with its grounds. The new St Marys Star of the Sea was built on this site and was opened in June 1962. It seats 590 and cost £80,000. Bottom right photo is St Marys as it is today. Bottom left the Old Burnmouth Villa. The large granite statue at the front is the work of Hew Lorimer.

More details about St Marys can be found on their Web Site

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Moorburn House

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Now we reach Moorburn House one of the most stunning mansions in Largs.

Largs man Dr Hugh Morris returned from the West Indies and built the original Moorburn House. He died 1810 and his nephew Major Robert Morris took up residence.

In 1870 Moorburn was bought by Robert Aitken a retired Glasgow Stockbroker who became the first provost of Largs in 1876. He demolished the house and built the present Moorburn House in the same year, 1876.

In 1936 Moorburn House became the offices of the district council after the building came on the market in 1930 for £7500. It is a Listed B building.

In 2008 the council left the building and much controversy followed when they put it up for sale with the asking price of £325,000.

This caused much local concern and criticism within Largs as it was felt the asking price was far to low and the council were giving the building away for nothing. There was also much concern expressed about the buildings future and potential unwanted re development in its gardens by its new owner.

Eventually in 2009 it was purchased by an Aberdeen oil tycoon and converted into a private residence.

Brooksby House

We now arrive at Brooksby House which was built in 1837 at a cost of £20,000. It was designed by a Mr David Hamilton.

Its served as a yachting holiday home for a Glasgow merchant called Matthew Person. The house was bought over and passed to another 3 owners until it was owned by a Mr Cooper who gifted the house to Glasgow's Victoria Infirmary in 1884.

They ran it as a convalescent home until it was eventually taken over by Ayrshire and Arran Health Board and ran as an residential care home.

Brooksby House a listed A building and one of the most stunning mansions in Largs. It still retains many of its original interior features like its original ornate plaster work and ornamental ceilings, stair case and cornices and impressive hallway. Check out the Canmore Web Site for some photos of the building's interior.

Now part of the Largs Brooksby medical centre complex also housing the Largs registrar office. At some point in 2018 it will also be the home of the Largs Police office when it relocates from its existing building which opened in 1871.
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Brisbane Hotel

oceans Grove Hotel Largs
St Helens Hotel Largs
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The Brisbane Hotel building was built sometime prior to 1855. They were known as the Cochrane Buildings and were built as a row of terrace houses which were later all joined up to form the Ocean Grove Hotel. Later the St Helens Hotel was added next door within the same building.

In 1982 the owner William Donald sold the Hotel and it was re named the Brisbane Hotel. Another change of name took placed in 1984 when then the Nardini Family acquired the Hotel from William Donald and renamed it the Nardini Brisbane Hotel. By 1990 it had changed hands again and called the Brisbane Hotel.

In 2007 the hotel owners invested in a major Hotel refurbishment which added the large glass front section to the hotel providing new bar, restuarant and upgraded wedding and function area.

The Hotel has just recently been renovated in 2017 and today is one of the West Coast of Scotland's most popular Wedding Venues. It also provides entertainment in the form of tribute acts ,bands and singers. More details can be found on their web site.
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